After purchasing a new piece of hardware or software - it is critical for you and your organization to gain the most benefit out of that aquisition, over the long term.  TC&C support services provide exactly that: assurance that the applications you purchase from us will continue to work and support the latest advancements in IP Telephony and Unified Communcations platforms.

When customers purchase the annual support and maintenance agreement from TC&C they are gaining access to our expertise, knowledgebase, support cases and engineering resources.  Along with phone, web, email and on-site support - customers get system updates that ensure the latest versions of the PBX platform are supported - making migrations and upgrades very easy to navigate.

Most of our support team members are Cisco Certified Engineers with many years of experience, which is truly unique in this software industry.

At TC&C, we stand behind the quality of our products and the high level of immediate support we provide our customers gives them the sense that should any problems arise, the full resources of our support team are with them, helping them until the problems are resolved.  Our support team's motto is: Trust us, you are not alone.