ccDialer™ is an automatic dialer solution built on top of Cisco Unified Communication solutions (Cisco Unified Communications Manager Architecture and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express/Enterprise). Replacing manual outbound campaigns with an automatic dialer, will increase contact center efficiency because they reduce the possibility of reaching a wrong number, save time, and make contact center agents much more productive. By automatically dialing and screening for no answer, busy signals, and answering machines, dialers ensure that agents do not waste time on non-value-added mechanical and routine tasks. Only when the dialer reaches a live contact will the solution transfer the call to the next available agent.

After introducing ccDialer, our customers face a 40-50% increase in number of live phone conversations between contact center agents and customers, when the number of agents is the same as in the prior period without automation. After fine-tuning and optimizing the solution these metrics can get even better.

The main advantages of ccDialer compared to the other dialer solutions is its interoperability and customizability potential. Not just the dialing will be automated but the preparation of the campaigns and the extraction of the results as well. No need for manual list creation from CRM systems, result exports from dialer and re-imports into CRM. All these happens seamlessly in an automated way. With proper customization campaigns can be adapted to the required business requirements.

ccDialer offers greater productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue potential.

Features & Advantages

The main features are summarized in the following overview:

Multiple dialing modes:

  • Predictive. ccDialer monitors constantly the contact center online metrics like availability of agents, ratio of abandoned calls and initiate calls based on this live information
  • Progressive. The campaign is configured to dial a specific number of lines per agent.
  • Preview. The agent previews customer information on their desktop, and chooses to contact the customer, skip to another customer, or reject the call.

Blended mode. Combine the power of the predictive dialer with the capacity to deliver both inbound and outbound calls to the same group of agents dynamically.

Manual dialing intensity control. If necessary, campaign administrator can adjust manually the intensity (nr of placed call / time unit) of campaigns.

CPA Trough integrating with Cisco gateways ccDialer enhances call progress analysis by automatically detecting answering machines, and the predictive dialer can even detect a beep in the welcome message

Transfer to IVR. This mode causes the Dialer to transfer every call to a service control-based IVR instead of an agent. Pre-recorded IVR campaigns can be accomplished by using the predictive dialer to play an automated message to a live caller or leave pre-recorded messages on answering machines.

Rich call contact information delivery. Integrating wit UCC supports agents by gathering call variables necessary to handle the call correctly, delivering customer information to the agent prior the call outbound call is presented.

Customizable Import/Export interfaces. CSV, DB, REST API etc.

Scheduled calls. Given calls will be attempted at the around the time set for that particular record in the list.

Call Validation. Just before initiating the call, ccDialer can validate the outbound against CRM system if the call in that moment can placed, not placed or just postponed.

Recall / callback strategies. Recalling a given contact more than one time, new attempts on another predefined period of the day depending the previous call outcome etc.

Personal callbacks After recalling a given contact transfer the call to agent who previously discussed with the customer

High availability option. With this setup ccDialer is installed on two different nodes, one in active other in standby state, thus forming a warm standby cluster. In case of failover no manual interaction is needed

No-dial list. Phone number on this list will not be dialed.

Contact prioritization. Calls are dialed based on priority. It is determined based on business and technical parameters, this might change dynamically during campaigns. Furthermore it is possible to assign an explicit priority value to each contact.

Technical Information

In the table below you can find the latest technical information about ccDialer.

Supported Systems Cisco Unified Contact Center Express,
Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
Application and DB Server HW x86 based server,
with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard/Enterprise Edition
Database Server MySQL,
Microsoft SQL Server
Web Server Apache Tomcat
User Interface / Web Browser FireFox 45 or above,
Chrome 50 or above,
Internet Explorer 11 or above
Language Support English,
Other languages optionally supported