ccTimer ™ is a web-based working time managing and scheduling software for Cisco UCCx IVR. Daily working time can be easily and quickly set, public holidays and vacations can be adjusted and in case of irregular days, special working time can be defined. With this powerful working time managing and scheduling solution in case of emergency management it is possible to suspend working time immediately and then set it back again if needed.

The actual working time registered in ccTimer can be queried directly from an IVR system application via a socket connection, or read from an XML file that is periodically updated by the ccTimer application. In possession of the Information on working hours and emergency situations the implementation of IVR applications can go on in different branches of the IVR tree.

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Features & Advantages

The main features are summarized in the following overview:

  • Set working time. Each day of the week can be declared as a working day or a holiday and within the working days the exact working hours can be set. If the current day is not an anomalous day these settings will determine the working hours in the IVR application.
  • Set irregular days. The holidays and the rest days which must be worked at another day and the irregular days with special working hours can be added to the ccTimer working time register system. The following examples illustrate the possibilities:
  • You can set the system to handle a special day as a holiday, irrespectively of the fact that it is a business day, or not.
  • ccTimer allows you to configure the system to handle a specific day of the week for a given date.
  • Display the working hours of the current day on the web interface of ccTimer anytime or change it immediately with a single click
  • Any number of emergency situations can be defined.
  • Save time by setting repetiton for scheduled work time
  • Many references
  • Special working hours can be defined for a given day.
  • Two level authentication
  • Secure and safe operation
  • Web-based administration
  • Supports MySQL database servers
  • Interfaces: Cisco gateway.

Technical Information

In the table below you can find the latest technical information about ccTimer.

Supported Systems Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (all functions)
Application and DB Server HW x86 based server, with
Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 OS
Database Server MySQL
Web Server Apache Tomcat
User Interface / Web Browser FireFox 45 or above,
Chrome 50 or above,
Internet Explorer 11 or above
Language Support English,
Other languages optionally supported


ccTimer download

You will download a zip package containing:

  • ccTimer - TC&C - folder containing a ready to use vmWare image (TurnKey appliance), ccTimer server application is embedded in it
  • README.txt - deployment guide

Deploy in minutes on bare metal, virtual machines, or in the cloud.

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