The global economy requires new ways of doing business. It simply is not feasible to travel to all locations to meet prospects, customers, fellow executives, and colleagues. It’s inefficient, too expensive, and holds back productivity. Today’s companies are global operations, with distributed workforces, worldwide clients, and round-the-clock customer support. When the workday ends in one part of the world, it’s just beginning on another continent. Increasingly, knowledge workers are trading cubicles at corporate headquarters for remote offices, mobile workplaces, and virtual rooms. Travel budgets continue to shrink, while the need to work collaboratively with global teams continues to amplify.

These new global realities can be challenging, but they also bring tremendous opportunities. A visionary IT and business leader can harness the latest trends and technologies to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, reduce cycle time, extend business reach, and improve communication.

TC&C offers Cisco's WebEx, the leading technology for web conferencing that gives organizations the power to reach people, share information, collaborate and stay connected with global, virtual teams—any time, anywhere. The introduction of web conferencing has forever transformed the way organizations do business. Instead of costly and time-consuming travel, it’s now possible to reach colleagues, customers, and partners instantly over the web. You can bring together people from across the hall, or across the globe, to attend training sessions, present at product reviews, or brainstorm new ideas. You can provide your customers with round-the-clock support from highly qualified experts who are now only a click away. And perhaps most importantly, you can help ensure that your company continues to operate even when weather, traffic, or natural or man-made disasters prevent you or your employees from getting safely to work. Web conferencing and web collaboration help you stay connected, stay in business, and stay on top of your game.

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