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Trust in the Cloud but Keep Your Data On-prem

January 16, 2023

You can have your cake and eat it, too. Take advantage of a cloud contact center but rest assured that your data is on-prem, due to CARIN’s special features.

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Compliant AI-Driven Call Analytics

October 21, 2022

AI analytics is a technical frontier, therefore the qualities marked in the title may seem to be difficult to execute and mishaps can result in tough fines judging by the issue that has recently been made public. With the right solution, all that at once is indeed possible. In order to remain a reliable service provider and solution developer, our team researches the topic constantly since the legislative circumstances highly affect the featureset, operation and even the marketing of products and solutions that are about to be put on the market. In this blog post we would like to share TC&C’s approach towards AI-driven call analytics and break down the basics of implementing such solutions for our future customers.

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The 5 Stages of Data Lifecycle Management with CARIN

September 16, 2022

Collecting and analyzing data is one of the main sources of organizations when it comes to marketing and adapting their business strategy and decision making, which entails responsibility and administration and requires a well structured IT infrastructure. According to the GDPR organizations that handle customer data are responsible to properly manage, document and log help desk workflows and data collected by call centers and customer services. Nowadays this task usually devolves to third-party solutions, such as CARIN that can take care of all the aforementioned requirements in a unified administrational platform so your agents can focus their energy on your customers.

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CARIN Benefits - A Smart Way to Compliance

April 21, 2022

The newest version of our compliance recording solution, CARIN 10.9 is out now!

Let us give you a brief but to the point overview of CARIN’s most relevant features and benefits and how our omnichannel recorder, managing and sharing application can serve you and your customers.

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Why and How Old Dominion University Records with CARIN LectureCorder?

November 15, 2021

Beyond the default demands of synchronous distance learning universities continuously face new challenges when delivering their courses online. Remotely presented lectures have gained even more relevance after the recent disruption of traditional education.

Old Dominion University of Norfolk, Virginia came across the growing needs of social presence in online courses. To overcome their difficulties they partnered up with TC&C to co-develop a specialized media recorder solution for distance learning.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, 8. September 2022.

We are really excited to announce that TC&C will be participating at the next Cisco Live event in 2023, from February 6-10, for the very first time in Amsterdam.