Do you know exactly:

  • What percentage of your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied?
  • Regarding what issues do your customers have questions or complaints?
  • In what manner do your administrators and customers talk?
  • How much upset customers have been calmed down by the end of the conversation?
  • Which customers cancel their contract the next day after the conversation?
  • Which customers will need additional services?

CARIN Speech Analytics can answer all these questions and more.

CARIN Speech Analytics is powered by the outstanding Nuance, which is an innovative solution - based on Artificial Intelligence and voice mining - capable to process 100% of voice recordings and detect the emotional tone of the parties, recognize key words, and provide complex reports, query and business analysis opportunities. Nuance automatically processes all customer service conversations. The solution is an integral part of the CARIN recording suite.

Nunaces’s intelligent technology is based on speech-signal processing that increases the efficiency of existing CRM systems. Having this information you will able to:

  • Learn the real emotions of customers, and this way measure their level of satisfaction
  • Automatically grade and evaluate conversations, filter inappropriate ones
  • Control, whether compulsory words and phrases (greeting, or product name in a campaign) have been said by the agent
  • Measure performance more accurately; enable more targeted and more exact manual expert checks
  • Increase efficient and quality customer service in total


Business applications insure the companies using the following applications of Nuance with valuable methods that help them to be more proactive and more fast on the business field.

  • Alert module - identify problematic conversations
  • TQM module - quality customer service development
  • Churn module - customer retention strategy
  • Segment module - customer segmentation support
  • CEM module - monitoring campaign efficiency


Nuance's solution is a unique combination of business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Nuance implements the latest AI-based speech-signal processing and speech-signal and emotion-detection technologies. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect emotional features and phonemes. Moreover, Nuance includes a speaker-independent speech-identification technology, separating the agent’s voice from the customer’s, using kernel methods. The business intelligence layer stores the extracted information in an appropriate form and ensures easy access and simple handling, so that the required information can easily be forwarded to the decision-makers.

More information: https://www.nuance.com