CARIN Hosted is a powerful solution for service providers to increase their profitability by offering high-end IP call recording services to their customers at a competitive price with flexible billing options and low TCO.

CARIN Hosted is built on the robust CARIN call recording platform to offer multiple, full-featured call recording systems, or “Virtual Environment” (VE), on a single platform that are easy to manage and are independent with secured data access and separation.

CARIN Hosted is ideal for VoIP service providers, shared customer contact centers and for larger enterprises as well.



The total cost of ownership for CARIN Hosted is very impressive, since the hosting company achieves economies of scale due to the following features:

  • Flexible multi-site deployment options
  • Hardware: any Intel based server with Microsoft OS
  • Flexible management and billing options for call recording features
  • Excellent scalability and performance with minimum investment and flexible tenant relocation
  • Easy (mass) configuration of users and features
  • Centralized call storage in a secured manner
  • License as you grow – flexible licensing arrangement with clear visibility
Service Provider Benefits
  • Gain competitive advantage in the market. CARIN Hosted is a feature-rich, high-end IP call recording solution that is easy to use and learn by the tenants and has a very competitive TCO for the hosting company.
  • Individualization for the tenant. CARIN Hosted allows individualization ranging from tailored features and services to visual identity and branding thereby supporting different customer business models.
  • Easy administration. CARIN Hosted was built with flexibility in mind: offers easy management and configuration for a changing tenant-base.
Satisfied Tenants

With CARIN Hosted tenants using the solution have very high satisfaction with their own Virtual Environment by enjoying all the benefits of a CARIN call recording solution without the technology infrastructure investment and system support cost.

  • Dedicated VE for legal compliance, quality assurance, training, and dispute resolution
  • Intuitive web interface and IP phone control
  • Numerous recording options and modes
  • Secured access to the recordings (no cross-tenant visibility or service provider access)
  • Multi-location transparency: many physical locations in one Virtual Environment
  • Tailor user hierarchy to organization structure
  • Audit trail of administration activity
  • Retain and take own data at move-out


CARIN Hosted is a deployment model whereby a service provider or enterprise can "host and manage" call recorders for many tenants on a non-dedicated, shared infrastructure. Usually the same service provider hosts and operates the underlying VoIP infrastructure for the tenants as well.

Each Virtual Environment is created by the service provider within the CARIN Hosted solution. The service provider can configure the Virtual Environment by specifying which IP end-points (extensions) can have call recording, the recording modes and options together with the allowed administration authority for the tenant. CARIN Hosted ensures that the service provider can stay in control while delegating certain administrative functions to the tenant.



CARIN Hosted with its dedicated Virtual Environments has many features that make it ideal for a hosted VoIP platform benefiting both the service provider and the tenants or customers.

  • Data separation and management by tenant
  • Activity logging provides visibility to both parties
  • User/tenant access control expiration
  • Easy provisioning assisted by mass import from external systems and consistency checks
  • Intuitive web interface allows a steep learning curve, fast ramp-up and minimal training
  • Tenant movement within facility with or without extension mobility feature is easy
  • Flexible user administration – grant access to tenant or retain privilege with granular access right control
  • Single VE for a tenant across many physical locations (softswitch clusters).
  • Convenient multi-site management tools
  • Reporting on tenant users, features, services, activities and call recording usage
  • Ability to migrate a tenant from one CARIN Hosted platform to another
  • Proper management of inter-tenant calls within the same cluster