The Challenge

With more and more consumers seeking out the personalized service they can only achieve through their local branch, this customer touch point is becoming an ever more critical focal point in various industries like financial services. To better understand customer and market dynamics, service organizations would like to capture all of their customer interaction at the branch level. Furthermore, new and stricter regulations are driving the need to record these customer interactions easily and affordably with a low TCO.

There are many cases when the recording devices have to be deployed locally in the branches. There are lots of requirements and functions that have to be considered, to implement a cost-effective multi-site recording solution. Click on other tabs to learn, how CARIN meets all of these requirements smoothly and effectively.

The Solution

The CARIN recording suite was one of the first solutions that offered true multi-site voice, video and telepresence recording capabilities for the enterprise. Today, hundreds of branches are powered by CARIN, which enables our customers to comply with the demanding business environment. Here are some highlights from the real advantages of the CARIN branch recording solution:

  • Fully centralized solution with distributable system components
  • The remote sites or branches are running a lightweight store-and-forward module called the Local Recorder (only if the local deployment of the recorder is unavoidable, there are other option with CARIN to centrally record interactions)
  • Very low TCO, because of the low HW and SW requirements (entry level PC server)
  • Fair and favorable Ownership and Maintenance costs due to the centralized management, storage, archiving and playback
  • WAN failure resiliency
  • Support for Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST)
  • Support for blade servers and VMware servers for even smaller footprint
  • Support for video and telepresence in addition to voice
  • Full-featured compliance recording solution to meet the strict regulations and mitigate risk
  • Hundreds of reference sites