We push ourselves to deliver solutions and build partnerships that support our customers' growth and operational efficiency objectives. We are committed to developing new and innovative technologies.

The international team has many years of combined R&D, design and implementation expertise in the areas of software engineering, telecommunication and networking. TC&C is always at the forefront of innovation by delivering cutting edge solutions and services.

Call Recording Innovations

Deployed across hundreds of customer sites all around the world, Carin is one of the most enhanced and powerful voice, video and telepresence recording suites. Here are some unique milestones describing our leadership in call recording innovations:

  • 2001: one of the frst true TCP/IP call recorders for Cisco Unified Communications in the world
  • 2003: the first real multi-site recording architecture for branch offices
  • 2005: the first IP video call and conference recorder
  • 2008: the first telepresence call and conference recorder
  • 2009: the only recording suite on the market, which provides a unified approach for voice, video and telepresence recording

Contact Center Innovations

TC&C is known as an innovator and expert in implementation and customization of call and contact centers. Combining our telecommunications and software development expertise, we are continuously providing new and innovative solutions to our customers and partners. The following list provides some examples of our previous achievements:

  • 2003: the first full-featured middleware for SAP CRM and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (CISconn)
  • 2004: one of the first integration applications for Peregrine and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
  • 2007: one of the first browser based wallboard applications for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (CCinfo)


TC&C and its products have been honored many times with awards from various organizations like Cisco Systems. Check out the most recent ones.