TC&C introduced its newest innovation: a full resolution Cisco TelePresence recording solution. TC&C, with its award wining call recording suite CARIN, has been a pioneer in video call recording since the beginning and now has extended that functionality to include Cisco TelePresence endpoints. CARIN is able to capture life-size, ultra high definition video images with spatial audio and auxiliary audio/video streams (for sharing presentations and documents). The CARIN call recording solution supports Cisco TelePresence 3200, 3000, 1300, 1000 and 500 configurations, as well as multi point conferences.

Remote expert applications in the financial services industry, healthpresence solution in healthcare, e-learning in education, compliance recording in various industries including government, are all great examples where the recording of the interactions is required. For more applications, check the Application tab above.

Watch this intro for Cisco TelePresence Recording solution. The video highlights the unique and advanced features of the system. Duration: 00:01:59


The recording of Cisco TelePresence sessions can provide a great opportunity and add value for companies when preserving and sharing this unmatched experience. The Cisco TelePresence solution creates a live, face-to-face meeting experience over the network, empowering people to interact and collaborate like never before. The following list provides some application examples of recording TelePresence sessions in various market segments:

  • Have you ever missed an important conference?
  • Would you like to store your valuable video calls and conferences?
  • Would you like to publish executive talks to your employees or to your investors?
  • Would you like to store and later review an HR interview for executive positions?
  • Would you like to create and share high quality videos or training materials using your existing Cisco TelePresence room?
  • Have you ever wanted to share a TelePresence call in real-time with a wider audience?
Financial Institute
  • Are you facing regulatory and compliance recording requirements for your Cisco TelePresence system?
Service Provider
  • Would you like to generate extra revenue by providing recording functionality?
  • Would you like to differentiate yourself by offering a unique service?
  • Have you ever wanted to save a TeleMedicine session on your HealthPresence system?
  • Would you like to publish the session to other doctors or provide it to your patients on a DVD?
  • Would you like to create high definition training materials for practitioners?
  • Have you ever wanted to extend the patients' medical history with a video?
  • Would you like to create high definition training materials for your students?
  • Would you like to publish professors' conference calls?
  • Have to meet strict laws, which require recording TelePresence calls?
  • Would you like to convert your Cisco TelePresence room into a HD video studio to create high quality video materials?

The number of examples grows rapidly as the Cisco TelePresence solution is deployed at more and more companies for a widening array of uses.

Technical Information

CARIN telepresence recording capabilties are built into the core recording system. Features available for voice recording are also available for telepresence recordings. In the table below you can find the latest technical information specifically for telepresence recording. For a more complete list of information, please visit this page.

Supported recording methods

Passive, endpoint side recording using port monitoring (SIP)

Supported endpoints and devices

All types all Cisco TelePresence endpoints including: 3200, 3000, 1300, 1000 and 500

Supported codecs

Below you can find the comprehensive list of supported codecs in CARIN system for telepresence calls and conferences.

  • Voice:
    • G.711
    • AAC-LD
  • Video
    • H.264
Supported storage codecs and file formats
  • Windows Media Video with various bandwidth and resolution options
  • CMFX (CARIN Media Format eXtension) maintaining the original quality
Capacity per recording server
  • CTP 3200/3000: up to 2 simultaneous calls
  • CTP 500/1000/1300: up to 4 simultaneous calls
Streaming support
  • Windows Media Streaming Server for real time streaming
  • HTTP based streaming for on-demand viewing