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CARIN Features and Benefits

Watch this intro and find out how the unique and advanced features of the CARIN365 Unified Recorder for ALL media benefits you and your customer.

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World Day of Cultural Diversity

May 21st of 2022 is the World Day of Cultural Diversity. TC&C has customers all around the globe, so we find it important to support movements that spread the idea of equality and the cooperation of all kinds of ethnicities.

IEEE Global Engineering Day

May 13 is Global Engineering Day. Today, we pay tribute to the profession and field of study that has always pushed the known limitations of mankind a little bit further. It is also to underscore the need to promote science and technology, as well as different branches of engineering as competitive and fulfilling career tracks.

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Killik & Co Trusts CARIN

We proudly report that a big fish of the financial sector, Killik & Co decided to record, store and manage all interactions with the CARIN365 Recording System again.

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International Creativity and Innovation Day

For most of us, creativity and innovation is a huge driving force. Enjoying the benefits of better and better inventions and solutions is great, but being part of a creative team, working on innovative processes might be one of the greatest joys in life. TC&C have developed the newest version of CARIN, to provide you and your team a collaborative, and up-to-date solution. Check out CARIN 11!

CARIN Benefits - A Smart Way to Compliance

The newest version of our compliance recording solution, CARIN 11.0 is out now!

Let us give you a brief but to the point overview of CARIN’s most relevant features and benefits and how our omnichannel recorder, managing and sharing application can serve you and your customers.

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