TC&C is a Premier Integrator and Select Developer Cisco Partner

The title of TC&C’s Cisco Partnership is Premier Integrator and Select Developer from now on. By achieving this designation, TC&C Ltd. has again proven the ability to provide sophisticated, value-added Cisco solutions through our in-depth sales capabilities, development and technology skills and service offerings.

The National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria Prolongs Recording with CARIN

Bulgarian NRA is a well-connected financial stakeholder across Southeastern Europe, so choosing CARIN as their compliance recorder is an honor for TC&C.

TC&C became a Member of AI Coalition in Hungary

Artificial Intelligence Coalition connects stakeholders in business, research, academia and government in the field of artificial intelligence to prepare the Hungarian economy and society for the AI revolution.

CARIN Integrates with Cloud9

TC&C has broadened CARIN’s capturing capability through an integration with the cloud-based Cloud9 communications platform.

Magellan Midstream Partners, L. P. Upgraded to CARIN 11, Have You?

The latest version of our omnichannel recorder, CARIN 11 is available with enhanced and updated features to provide an across the board solution for contact center operating businesses.

BankIslami Extended Their CARIN System

One of TC&C’s main mission is to improve hand-in-hand with our customers. CARIN is designed to be easily scalable to support the growth of your organization, providing seamless compliance recording for any business.

World Day of Cultural Diversity

May 21st of 2022 is the World Day of Cultural Diversity. TC&C has customers all around the globe, so we find it important to support movements that spread the idea of equality and the cooperation of all kinds of ethnicities.

IEEE Global Engineering Day

May 13 is Global Engineering Day. Today, we pay tribute to the profession and field of study that has always pushed the known limitations of mankind a little bit further. It is also to underscore the need to promote science and technology, as well as different branches of engineering as competitive and fulfilling career tracks.

Killik & Co Trusts CARIN

We proudly report that a big fish of the financial sector, Killik & Co decided to record, store and manage all interactions with the CARIN365 Recording System again.

International Creativity and Innovation Day

For most of us, creativity and innovation is a huge driving force. Enjoying the benefits of better and better inventions and solutions is great, but being part of a creative team, working on innovative processes might be one of the greatest joys in life. TC&C have developed the newest version of CARIN, to provide you and your team a collaborative, and up-to-date solution. Check out CARIN 11!

Agricultural Bank of China Records with CARIN

Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) is one of the major integrated financial service providers in China that ensures compliance with CARIN365.

World Health Day

Recently mental health has gained significance in the ways we think of health and well-being.

How can TC&C contribute to the mental health of their customers? By minimizing risks via a reliable, secure and compliant recording solution.

Switch to CARIN and take the stress out of compliance.

Portuguese Red Cross Records with CARIN

A new member on the list of TC&C’s successful collaborations. Healthcare organization, Portuguese Red Cross has decided to record, store and manage all its internal and customer facing interactions with the CARIN Compliance Recording Solution.

Earth Hour

However electricity is one of the most eco-friendly power resources, being a part of the technological industry TC&C finds it necessary to raise awareness on the importance of environmental consciousness. Please if you have the means, tonight from 20.30 to 21.30 switch off, unplug and join a worldwide movement for a better future.

Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos Has Chosen CARIN

We are proud to report that Matoshinos, the beautiful city of Portugal, has decided to manage its business with CARIN.

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day originates from the United States and aims to raise awareness about the importance of health, sleep and lifestyle and how important those factors are considering one’s well being. Unfortunately, more and more people struggle with troubled sleep which can easily be a result of stressful work days. A Good night’s sleep is within reach when you are using a reliable compliance recorder. CARIN users sleep like a baby.

World Kidney Day

The best of things usually come in pairs, however life often isn’t so ideal. To show our support on World Kidney Day, our Team has decided to surprise our clients and partners with a buy one, get one for free sale. Contact us to get your very own CARIN system today and we present you with a ccDialer as well.

International Women's Day

We would like to show our appreciation to all the women out there.
Happy International Women’s Day!

Your TC&C Team

TC&C Achieves Collaboration SaaS Specialization

TC&C has been certified as a Collaboration SaaS Specialized Partner. We have met all requirements for achieving the above Certification, including personnel, support and specialization.

Fenaco Continues to Measure Quality and Performance with ccInfo

We proudly report that Fenaco, the Swiss economic development supporter of farmers has chosen our wallboard application, ccInfo to measure performance in its contact centers.

QatarEnergy Extended its Cooperation with TC&C

QatarEnergy, formerly known as Qatar Petroleum may have relaunched its brand yet decided to stick with our tried and tested wallboard application for contact center performance measurement, ccInfo.

Hilti Keeps on Recording with CARIN in 2022 as Well

We happily report that Hilti has trusted TC&C yet again.

CARIN Windows Server 2022 Compatibility

We proudly inform all our clients and partners that CARIN has been tested and certified as a Windows Server 2022 compatible compliance recorder.

Upcoming Events

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Tuesday, 23. November 2021.

After a two-year omission our team cannot wait to finally meet you again at Cisco Live 2022 in Amsterdam, from February 7-11.

Tuesday, 23. November 2021.

In June 2022 TC&C will be a part of the Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, where you can gain the knowledge and skills that can make a powerful...