TC&C is Awarded as a Premier Integrator Cisco Partner in Hungary

TC&C has been certified as a Premier Integrator partner of Cisco in Hungary.

TC&C is a Collaboration SaaS Specialized Cisco Partner

TC&C has been certified as a Collaboration SaaS Specialized partner of Cisco in Hungary.

TC&C is a Select Developer Cisco Partner

TC&C has been certified as a Select Developer partner of Cisco in Hungary.

TC&S as an Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized Cisco Partner

TC&C has been certified as an Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized partner of Cisco.

TC&C is a Networking Specialized Cisco Partner

TC&C has been certified as a Networking Specialized partner of Cisco.

CARIN Compliance Recording for MS Teams

The release of CARIN 11 is right around the corner, equipped with enhanced and new features, such as: Recording of Microsoft Teams

CARIN supports recording all types of MS Teams media, so that you can take MS Teams video conferencing and training to a professional and compliant level.

Upgrade to ccInfo 4.7

Get the latest version of our powerful wallboard application, ccInfo, to visualize real-time statistics on an enhanced level and better contact center processes.

The Newest Release of ccTimer is Out Now

ccTimer is a web-based working time managing and scheduling software and is now enhanced to seamlessly integrate with modern contact center software, devices and technologies. Download it for free now.

CARIN for Single and Multi-site Environments

The CARIN system is optimized for single and multi-site companies and due to its scalability, it can be the right solution for small businesses and large enterprises as well. A good example of how well our recording solution performs for big firms is that CIN, the biggest paint manufacturer of the Iberian Peninsula chose CARIN.

CARIN for Hospitals

Healthcare organizations fell into a special category when it comes to compliance recording. Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental have recently implemented the CARIN recording suite to ensure the protection of their clients personal data.

CICPA Records with CARIN

The list of CARIN users is expanded by the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority of Abu Dhabi. The CARIN system is constantly being developed with the intention to provide total compliance for our customers, even if they are from the field of state security.

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan is here and we at TC&C would like to express our best wishes to the Muslim community all around the world.

CARIN Terror Alert Functionality

Did you know, that the enhanced security features of CARIN, such as the Terror Alert functionality, point beyond basic compliance requirements and contribute to effective data management as well.

CARIN Storage Space Calculator

The CARIN Storage Space Calculator is here to help you while planning your contact center.

We celebrated our company's 30th anniversary last year

The past 30 years have not only been about work and professionalism, but also about sharing non-professional moments together, outside of work. It is those moments that have created the strong team that we are today. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our employees, past and present, for their hard work and dedication. Here's to many more years of success together.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 21. June 2023.

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