CARIN365 - the latest edition of CARIN™, the award winning call recording system, is a premiere Cisco Compatible solution and supports not only Cisco Unified Communications systems, but Avaya, BroadSoft, BT Trading and Command equipment and any other SIP compliant telephony solution.

CARIN outperforms similar products by providing unique features such as recording Cisco TelePresence sessions and video calls, high volume processing, efficient multi-site support, reliable and scalable architecture, secured data access, feature-rich control from an IP phone, high availability option and hosted/multi-tenant capabilities.

CARIN is designed from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of industries such as banking, insurance, government, application service providers and specialized customer contact centers. CARIN can support any business model from SMBs, to large multinational enterprises and hosting providers.

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Use Cases

Call recording brings increased stability to businesses where: calls represent valuable agreements, the quality of telephone interactions must be monitored, and security issues need to be considered. Banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, government organizations, service providers and utilities represent some of the companies for which call recording is important or even mandatory. Beyond the legislative requirements, nowadays business strategists rely highly on data and KPI metrics gathered from these recorded interactions as well as customer related metadata. Below you can find some examples of the various use cases of the CARIN recording solution:

Compliance recording

Companies are focusing on compliance concerns because of their impact on all aspects of business operations. Efforts to comply with regulatory requirements must be supported by appropriate systems. Ever growing regulatory burdens and increasing use of standards to improve processes are leading several business types to formalize compliance programs, raising questions on organization, competencies, controls rationalization and alignment with risk management and business performance..

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Powering Branch Recording

With more and more consumers seeking out the personalized service they can achieve only through their local branch, this customer touch point is becoming an ever more important focal point in across various industries like financial services. To better understand customer and market dynamics, service organizations would like to capture all of their customer interactions at a branch level. Furthermore, new and stricter regulations are driving the need to record these customer interactions easily and affordably with low TCO.

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Intelligent Recording for Converging Trading Floors

For trading houses, seamless recording is vital especially when legally required. It's not only important to record and archive calls - sometimes for several years - but also to be able to easily search and retrieve them on request regardless of trader location. TC&C has continuously expanded its cooperative efforts with leading vendors like BT Trade who provide the most secure and reliable BT Trading Turrets for financial institutions globally.

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Cisco TelePresence Recording

TC&C, with its award winning call recording suite CARIN, has been a pioneer in video call recording since the beginning and now has extended that functionality to include Cisco TelePresence endpoints. CARIN is able to capture life-size, ultra high definition video images with spatial audio and auxiliary audio/video streams (for sharing presentations and documents). The CARIN call recording solution supports Cisco TelePresence 3200, 3000, 1300, 1000 and 500 configurations, as well as multipoint conferences.

Remote expert applications in the financial services industry, healthpresence solution in healthcare, e-learning in the education, compliance recording in various industries including government are all great examples where recording of these interactions is required.

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Video Call and Conference Recording

The model of video usage has become an indispensable part of business communication since nowadays video conferencing solutions provide real-time, user-oriented and on demand approaches both for desktop and cell phone as well. Video telephony provides desktop video devices the same call control functionality usually found in voice telephony solutions, including call transfer, call hold, call forward, mute, and conference.

Remote expert applications in the financial services industry, telemedicine solutions in healthcare and remote online learning in the education sector are all great examples where the demand for recording is high. The CARIN recording suite offers a unified approach by enabling voice, video, telepresence and chat recording in a single solution.

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Customer Retention and Quality Assurance with Speech Analytics

CARIN’s Quality Assurance module and CARIN Speech Analytics, both supported by the CARIN Reporting Tool provide relevant insight into business operation. CARIN Speech Analytics is powered by the outstanding Nuance, which is an innovative solution - based on Artificial Intelligence and voice mining - capable to process 100% of voice recordings and detect the emotional tone of the parties, recognize key words, and provide complex reports, query and business analysis opportunities.

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Call Recording for Multi Tenant and Hosted Environments

CARIN Hosted is a powerful solution for service providers to increase their profitability by offering high-end IP call recording services to their Customers at a competitive price with flexible billing options and low TCO. CARIN Hosted is built on the robust CARIN call recording platform to offer multiple, full-featured call recording environments, or “Virtual Recorders” (VR), on a single platform that are easy to manage and are independent with secured data access and separation.

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Features & Advantages

Here you can find a summary of the cool and unique features the CARIN recording suite has to offer.

Workflow-based Operation

Workflow-based operation enables CARIN to be more efficient, automated and scalable. Message queueing can shorten processes and efficiently utilize the IT infrastructure. The multi-branched approach for placing components also leaves space for more, enhancing the scalability capacities of system architectures. Components can seamlessly be armored with a high-availability feature without unnecessary cost and complicating the infrastructure.

Tailored for converged networks

Enterprises all around the world merge their communications infrastructure and recording with unified communication approaches due to their flexibility, lower TCO and the tremendous increase in worker efficiency and workflow management.

CARIN, since its introduction, has been a unified call recording, analysis and archive system suitable for enterprises and service providers using the latest integrated omnichannel and data network technologies.

Multiple media support

The CARIN call recording suite provides a unified approach for all types of external and internal media: voice, video, telepresence and instant messages. In addition with desktop and screen recording, CARIN enables full and relevant insight into business operation.

Multivendor support

CARIN is a premier recording solution supporting the major telephony platforms including: Cisco, Avaya, BT Trading and Command equipment, BroadSoft and any other SIP compliant system.

Optimized editions for single and multi-site deployments

CARIN supports both single and multi-site configurations, giving it the flexibility to grow with the enterprise. Each site has one or more Local Recorders (LR) connected to the central location via LAN/WAN. At the central location, recorded data files and other call information are stored in the Central Controller (CC), which coordinates the LRs' operation and acts as an archive server. In a single-site environment, the LR and CC software components can be installed on a single server. An extremely cost-effective configuration is to utilize the CARIN Desktop solution (the recorder application is installed on the PC workstation that is connected to the IP phone) thereby avoiding the need for an LR. Recorded voice files are uploaded to the CC after completion of the call.

Recording, managing and sharing

CARIN is built to provide full support for data lifecycle management through its advanced features. It is not only a compliance recording solution, it offers flexible and multi-level access control to the recordings in order to enable the management of the recorded media. The metadata of the recordings can be further detailed with call flagging and commenting options. In addition, media recorded with CARIN can be shared across the enterprise for further usage via the CARIN web application and the built-in CARIN Publishing Server.

Advanced security features to meet strict industry requirements

Here are some examples of the advanced security features of the system:

  • Configurable password policies
  • SSL based user interface
  • Separated administration and business rules
  • Full audit trails with change log history (completeness audit)
  • Encrypted media storage
  • SSL based file uploading to the Central Controller
  • Four-eyes login
  • Single-sign-on support
  • Data Segregation for Multi-Tenant/Hosted environments
Reliable, scalable, and robust architecture

High performance recording - CARIN's latest recording engine supports hundreds of concurrent omnichannel calls on a single server, providing superior performance in the IP call recorder market. When needed, larger call volumes can be managed using multiple recording servers.

High availability - Increased system reliability can be realized by multiplying the recording components. This way the failure of one recorder will not lead to disruption of recording.

Advanced system monitoring - The deployed CARIN recording infrastructure is managed round-the-clock by CARIN itself. The Advanced Monitoring service, which identifies fault situations, intervenes automatically if needed and sends configurable alerts through email and enterprise standard, SNMP protocol.

Enhanced search & playback capabilities

Users can search and play back recordings anytime from any location. The system utilizes an integrated media player, which provides advanced features like: playback control, speed control, channel mute, annotated bookmarks, etc. Recordings can be easily searched and retrieved via the sophisticated and user friendly web interface offering various options for listing the records: ongoing, on-demand, completed calls, etc.

Zero Desktop Client Installation and Configuration

Media can be played back from any Windows PC using either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.
Cisco IP phone services

For more convenience, the system offers various functions not only through the web interface, but via Cisco IP phones directly. On-demand call flagging, categorization/tagging, bookmarking are all examples of the available functions on the Cisco IP phones. For video recordings you can also view the thumbnail image on phones that support this.

Flexible platform with low TCO

CARIN is designed to support today's IT infrastructures, which are utilizing common and standard HW infrastructure and virtualization. With CARIN, you can choose your server platform and you are also allowed to deploy CARIN on VMware and other virtualized systems. No more hidden, proprietary HW costs and limitations resulting in low total cost of ownership coupled with easy operation and maintenance.

Technical Information

In the table below you can find the latest technical information about CARIN.

Supported telephony systems

CARIN supports a comprehensive set of telephony systems. If you do not find yours, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager
  • BT Trade 1.x, 2.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
  • BroadSoft BroadWorks, M6
  • Any SIP compliant system
Supported recording methods

In order to support the various network topologies and customer requirements, several types of recording methods are available in the award winning call recording suite, CARIN.

  • Passive, extension side recording using port monitoring (SCCP, SIP)
  • Passive, trunk side recording using port monitoring (SIP)
  • Native, extension side RTP forking for Cisco UCM 6.x or later
  • Native, trunk side RTP forking for Avaya CM 5.x or later using AES 4.2 or later
  • Native, extension side RTP forking for IP Trade turrets
  • Active, conference based for Cisco UCM (JTAPI)
  • Active, recording and streaming endpoints (SIP)
  • Active, dial-in recorder (SIP)
Supported media
  • Voice
  • Video
  • TelePresence
  • Screen content
Supported endpoints and devices

Depends on the telephony system and the applied recording method, but several endpoints are supported from Cisco, Avaya, Tandberg, Sony, Polycom, Aethra, Ascom, Siemens, Linksys, etc.

Supported codecs

The available codec support depends on the recording method used. Below you can find a comprehensive list of codecs supported by the CARIN system.

  • Voice:
    • G.711
    • G.729
    • G.722
    • Cisco Wideband
    • AAC-LD
  • Video and TelePresence
    • H.261
    • H.263
    • H.264
Supported storage codecs and file formats

The available storage formats depends on the recording method used. Below you can find the list of all options:

  • Voice:
    • 8 bit PCM in WAV
    • 16 bit PCM in WAV
    • Microsoft ADPCM in WAV
    • G.711 Ulaw in WAV
    • G.711 Alaw in WAV
    • Microsoft GSM-Fullrate (LPC-RPE) in WAV
    • Speex (CELP) in Ogg
    • Speex (CELP) in Ogg with Voice Activity Detection
    • DSP Group Truespeech (ACELP) in WAV
  • Video and TelePresence:
    • CMFX (CARIN Media Format Extension) maintaining the original quality
    • Windows Media Video with various bandwidth and resolution options
  • Screen content:
    • TechSmith Screen Capture Codec in AVI
Capacity per recording server 1-500 simultaneous calls (depends on the media type, recording method and codec)
  • Standard, Intel CPU based PC server from HP, IBM or DELL based on your preference (detailed specification depends on the configuration)
  • Windows Server 2008 / SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 / SQL Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016 / SQL Server 2016
  • Automated Storage Management
  • SAN / NAS support
  • Media Codec Compression
  • Built-in data retention policy, storage and archiving module
  • Archiving to any Microsoft Windows compatible device or storage network
User interface
  • Firefox 45 or above,
  • Chrome 50 or above,
  • Internet Explorer 11 or above
  • Windows Media Player from 9 up to 12 or later
Language support
  • English
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian