Smart Collaboration Recording for a Better Customer Experience

TC&C’s mission is to create technology for collaboration and compliance, via providing solutions that are able to bridge the gap between operating an extensive customer service and legislations. The AI-infused rapid technological developments also transform the call recording industry and results in that financial and service sectors show high interest in solutions to automatically and reliably evaluate and analyze calls that fall under compliance recording liabilities according to our research. There is a strong demand for a recording solution that can emotionally analyze multimedia content and filter out critical conversations for the quality assurance and compliance teams. In order to continuously provide our customers innovative and relevant service, we are offering AI-boosted CARIN versions to facilitate interoperability among legacy and advanced solutions.

Benefits of AI-powered Recording:

  • Transcription: Any parts of the recording can be searched by text and copied into a written protocol if necessary.
  • Translation: Conversations in foreign languages can be interpreted and evaluated in your own language.
  • Satisfaction Analysis: Satisfaction of the parties is characterized by a time graph and a summary index, which allows anomalies to be automatically detected.
  • Automation: With built-in, reliable AI-driven features, minor, yet time-consuming tasks will no longer require the expensive and valuable energy of human resources.

CARIN Deepfake Guard

In the realm of audio deepfake or voice cloning, artificial intelligence (AI) exhibits a higher efficacy in identifying fraudulence as compared to the human ear. Fortunately, the utilization of voice biometrics-based authentication serves as a reliable solution for filtering out such fraudulent audio. Voice biometrics employs the distinct voice patterns of an individual, including characteristics such as tone, intonation, speed of speech, and pronunciation, to verify their identity. By subjecting the voice to analysis and comparing its characteristics with a pre-existing voice profile stored in a database, one can accurately determine the identity of the speaker.