In our complex world, Erste Bank aims to be more than just the regular business enterprise that offers financial solutions, inasmuch as what it really offers is solutions to life situations.

These days, we are witnessing the drastic change of everyday lives of millions of people around the world and we all have to adapt to that change.

We are prepared to maintain our operations and services and to secure the work conditions of our co-workers and serving our customers even in the event of a COVID-19 / coronavirus outbreak. To do this we work with expert partners such as TC&C in the telecommunication domain.

To ensure the continuity of our business and to provide remote work opportunities for our colleagues at the same time, TC&C recommended the integration of our CARIN Call Recording System with Cisco Jabber and cell phones.

Our co-workers were able to switch to using the new system almost instantly and without any difficulties, making it easy for our institution to comply with the legal requirements for recording, just as if the conversations with customers happened face-to-face in the bank. Thank you for your proactive attitude and quick, effective solution.

Zeno Daume, Head of IT Operation
Erste Bank Hungary