TC&C is announcing the general availability of a new Carin recording module, called dial-in recorder. The dial-in recording module provides a dial-in recording service by enabling users to make a conference call with the recorder independent of their location or phone/device.

The new system provides the following great advantages:

  • Easy to use from any phone/endpoint, including mobile phones
  • New built-in function of the Carin recording suite
  • Industry standard SIP support
  • Front-end IVR for optional authentication and call playback

Sample scenarios where the system is an excellent fit:

  • A consultant wants to record a conference call at the customer-site where the internal recording system is not available
  • A trader needs documentation of a deal, but she is currently out of office, where recording is not available
  • A journalist wants to record an interview from a mobile phone: he calls the recorder and starts a three party conference call to make a recording of the interview