TC&C Ltd. and Nextent Informatics Co. have signed a strategic agreement. The goal of the cooperation is to create an integrated solution that automatically evaluates telephone conversations from customer contact centers in order to support the following strategic initiatives: customer retention, increased sales and more effective quality assurance.

The joint development realized an organic integration between Carin, the unified call recording solution of TC&C and Voice Miner, the innovative speech analysis system of Nextent within a Cisco Unified Communications environment.

“Cisco pays unsurpassed attention and provides resources not only for our own R&D programs; we also cooperate closely with our partners in this field. I am especially proud that these companies cooperate with Cisco at this high level and they add value to our product portfolio with their combined solution.” – said László György, executive director of Cisco Hungary.

From data mining to “voice mining”: Voice Miner

The innovative, award winning Voice Miner system uses the latest speech-signal processing and emotion-detection technologies to identify emotions and keywords. Voice Miner is able to transform recorded phone conversations into valuable business information; previously this area was unreachable for analysis methods.

In the integrated solution, developed in cooperation by Nextent and TC&C, the recorded conversations from Carin get imported directly into the data processing module of Voice Miner where they are processed and evaluated immediately. The original voice recordings are still available for replay from Carin while Voice Miner analyzes the voice data. An additional advantage of the integrated solution is that companies who have a Carin call recording solution don’t need to create a Voice Miner interface during the introduction of this system.

The integrated solution specifically helps companieswith their customer retention and attrition avoidance strategy. The model can predict if a client is considering cancelling their contract or changing their service provider based on words referring to churn or leaving, as well as emotional fluctuations identified during the conversation. Voice Miner increases the precision and efficiency of existing attrition models by providing companies with access to the untapped resources contained within these customer interactions.

Another important function of the system is driving increased sales with business intelligence. After a conversation with a prospective client, the software is able to predict the probability of a future sale. Every recorded conversation can be characterized by a success probability based on Voice Miner’s prediction and these indexes can be used to form an effect oriented marketing and sales strategy.

Call recording – in a Cisco Unified Communications environment

The multi-award winning Carin call recording suite is used in contact centers, financial institutions, public administration and other companies and organizations. Many times, conversation recording is done because of quality assurance reasons or to adhere to compliance laws or internal regulations. Carin has been certified as Cisco Compatible for more than 5 years. Compatibility with Cisco systems creates an opportunity for TC&C to introduce its solution to many major companies and institutions worldwide in Cisco Unified Communications environment and ensures the highest quality of standards for new technologies.

Further information can be found at: Customer Retention and Quality Assurance with Speech Analytics

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