IP Trade and TC&C team up to provide enhanced recording solution for IP Trading Rooms.

Seamless recording is vital for trading where legally required, not only to record and archive calls - sometimes for several years - but to be able to easily search and retrieve them on request regardless of trader location.

IP Trade recognizes that most of the added value of IP Convergence comes from the integration of telephony systems with computer-based applications. Therefore, IP Trade with TC&C provides a complete trading floor solution. An interaction and proper recording of the trader’s voice can be made with the award winning call recording system of TC&C called CARIN.

CARIN offers an entirely integrated VoIP recording solution with the IP Trade Turret system. The integration between the two platforms is based on active recording. This means that a duplicate media stream of every conversation to be recorded (as there is flexibility in which calls are recorded) is sent from the turret to the CARIN recording server.

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