Cisco Systems released a success story about Hungarian News Agency, where TC&C's products were deployed. The news release highlights CASpro call accounting software and CARIN call recording application.

TC&C's CARIN system inlcudes a brand new fetaure at Hungarian News Agency: Editorial Recorder

  • Editorial Recorder is a full featured recording system specially designed to editors (e.g. making interviews).
  • The system is fully integrated into CARIN architecture (one administration and user interface)
  • Normal (passive) recording can be co-hosted in the same system
  • CARIN Editorial Recorder module utilizes Cisco JTAPI
  • Recording control over Cisco IP Phone service

Available functions:

  • Start recording by calling a service on the phone
  • The system automatically prompts 'The call now is being recorded!'
  • The recording can be paused at any time
  • During paused state, the recorded call can be played back to the call parties
  • If the user continues recording the system prompts the customizable text again
  • One call detail record (including original calling party numbers and names) in the database and one sound file for the entire recording session

For complete press release go to Cisco website (Hungarian).