Innovative call recording solution provider TC&C releases free Speex decoder. The audio codec allows users to play back open source Speex-encoded files in any player compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.

Microsoft Windows users have faced challenges in trying to use Speex, an open source/free software, patent-free audio compression format designed for speech that is well-suited to handle VoIP, Internet audio streaming, data archival, and audio books. Decoders currently available for Windows Media Player either lack sophistication, are using old technology, or simply don’t work with all types of Speex-encoded files. The results are frustration and a poor user experience - until now.

TC&C, developer of the award-winning Carin IP call recording solution, has released its free Speex decoder to users worldwide. By installing this piece of software, users can play back Speex-encoded files in any DirectShow compatible player, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player. TC&C’s Carin call recording system uses the Speex codec to efficiently store voice recordings. “We realized that the lack of an effective Speex codec for Windows Media Player was preventing the widespread use of this great technology,” says Gergely Kováts, Chief Technology Director for Carin at TC&C. “We also wanted to give something back to the open source community by allowing people to install a free, easy-to-use, quality decoder for Windows operating systems.” Additionally, TC&C hopes that its Speex codec will help lower the barrier of entry for voice applications by providing a free alternative to expensive, proprietary speech codecs. TC&C is one of few companies to offer a free codec specifically designed to work effectively on the Windows platform - which not only improves the user experience but helps businesses to levereage the latest speech compression technologies.

Users can install the free Speex codec through an easy-to-use setup package, which automatically installs the codec and configures the system to recognize and play back Speex audio. To download, visit