TC&C has introduced a new recording technology for Cisco Unified Communication Manager 6.x systems, which is now generally available. The new recording method utilizes special features of the Communication Manager introduced in version 6.0. This method integrates call recording and silent monitoring features into CUCM.

If an extension is configured for recording (the configuration is available in the CUCM), the CUCM instructs the phone to send the RTP streams related to a given call directly to the recording server utilizing the built-in bridge of the phone. The recorder system is connected to the CUCM via a SIP trunk.


  • In a multi-site network, branches where a few calls have to be recorded, the deployment of a recorder does not require dedicated recording server on the remote site.
  • Theoretically this recorder eliminates the complexity of the switching infrastructure compared to the passive recording method, because the RTP streams are sent directly to the recording server automatically.
  • Can be easily scaled by adding new recorders to the system if e.g. more capacity is required.
  • Does not require extra DSP resources from the network compared to the active (conferenced based) method.
  • Recording tone can be played in by the phone.

If you are planning to implement CUCM 6.x, now you have a much wider choice of recording methods and options. For more information, please contact your regional TC&C representative.