TC&C’s Professional Call Accounting System, CASpro™ has been immensely renewed in the previous months and it is being beta-tested now. The latest version of the software will be released in the near future.

The new CASpro has a bunch of new and exciting features. The goal to reduce telecommunications costs and improve productivity has remained the same, however the design has been entirely remade from scratch in order to be responsive and ideal for mobile devices in every manner.

The software now centers a dashboard view where all the important information can be seen at one place. Informative and colorful diagrams help users to see the big picture of company calls.

There are numerous other new features:

  • Now infinite number of groups and users can be put in hierarchy.
  • Not only company extension numbers can be accounted but all company mobiles too.
  • Cost categories can be set to each user or group.
  • In excess of a predefined amount the system sends e-mail notifications either to the user or to the cost manager.
  • And many other

In addition the security has been improved too.