TC&C is glad to announce the latest minor release of their popular award winning Unified Communications recorder. Our Customers who purchased CARIN 9.x and have a valid, continuous support contract get the minor release for free.

In the latest minor release we have greatly improved the CARIN WebApp, the IP Trade Turret Recorder, the Cisco Built-in-Bridge Recorder, the CARIN Logger, the CARIN Passive Recorder and some other components.

CARIN 9.3 features among a host of others:

Feature improvements:

  • Audit tool to reconcile CUCM CDRs and CARIN records.
  • Reporting is rewritten from Java applet to HTML.
  • KPLM parser improvement.
  • Database recovery information is stored at Media Folder.
  • Windows 10 Pcap driver support improvement.
  • SRST failover improvement.
  • User Permissions History Report.
  • Unification of log levels
  • Global Call ID parsing improvement CUCM 9.5 or above in case of SIP signalling.

Security improvements and bug fixes:

  • OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability elimination
  • If SFTP upload fails for any reason the Local Recorder keeps the record in the upload queue until upload is succeeded successfully.
  • WAV file header correction
  • Call start time adjustment according to effective RTP start
  • Port usage optimisation for RTP channels.
  • Allow/Deny list usage correction in case of JTAPI failure