This post is a translation of the interview made with the chief executive officer of TC&C, Csaba Juhász, published in IT Business. You can read the original article here.

Csaba Juhász

Momentum and Tradition

However, working for and with global companies, TC&C managed to remain a small business. The company has been in the infocommunications sector for 30 years now, majoring in offering compliance recording solutions for Cisco collaboration and BT turret systems, in which AI methods are becoming more and more commonly used, says Csaba Juhász, the chief executive officer of TC&C.

TC&C has been operating for 30 years, which is quite a long time in IT. Have you ever formulated what is the key to your success?
We thought about this already ten years ago, on our 20th anniversary. The answer was and still is clear: a great team. The most excellent professionals of the field work together in our company, many of them with scientific research backgrounds and university connections. But it is not only individual professional skills that matter. The exemplary human qualities of my colleagues and their strong bond toward the TC&C community are at least as important as expertise. Excellent team spirit also has a positive effect on work and minimizes attrition.

The management of a 30-year-old company must also think about generational change. Are you able to raise younger professionals’ interest as well?
As I’m used to saying, 30 years ago we were exactly 30 years younger… 10-15 years ago we were already amazed at how different of an approach younger colleagues have regarding solving problems and professional bases. That is acutely true for my sons’ generation who are now graduating from universities and start putting their knowledge to good use in the field of work. Their presence gives us new impetus and dynamism, since they are achievement-oriented - especially toward themselves - and keen. For a long-time cooperation, we, older colleagues and managers also need to be receptive to the new waves.

Young professionals seek exciting and world-leading developments. Can TC&C offer them such opportunities?
We are currently in the process of developing our AI-driven smart recorder, which can assess whether the customer is pleased or not. It simultaneously analyzes image, sound and real-time transcriptions. Based on the aforementioned categories, the system determines a value for satisfaction and by summarizing the gathered information the AI can reliably determine the customers’ level of satisfaction. We also received support from the NKFIH for developing CARIN QAI, which is planned to be released by the end of 2023 - beginning of 2024 and is going to be unique in its way.

We are also working on another development, Countless metadata is generated in collaboration tools such as traffic and call statistics. We map these with data science and Big Data tools so we can fluoroscope organizations from the aspect of information flow.

Embracing a futuristic idea, we are assessing the feasibility of a product that records transactions in the virtual world, i.e. the metaverse.

The company is 30 years old, its partners are global businesses and organizations and it has many well-known global clients, yet it has not outgrew the limits of a small business. Has the lack of employees or capital ever a hinder in business growth?
We started with two people, now there are thirty of us. More than 15 years ago, when we were the first in the world to record Telepresence video conferencing, the investment branch of Cisco made a bid for a stake in the company. I refrained from that, for us quality is over quantity. I’m not the type of person who is constantly looking for the companies that we could buy or when we can go public. I believe in organic growth because that is what gives stability to the company.