Your favorite compliance recording solution’s latest version is out. Our developers have been working hard until the very last moment, so that we are able to present CARIN 10.7 with upgraded features and a redesigned layout, for your better user experience.

Enhancing call center agent productivity is a company objective contact center team leaders have a huge impact on. Although this is a complex task, implementing even a few basic modifications can show spectacular results in terms of efficacy and also can result in a more efficient and engaged work-environment, which then using continuous improvement in small incremental steps can turn around a call center relatively quickly.

Although the majority of enterprises may have been reluctant so far, the future of data storage is in the cloud. It is rapidly improving and today’s cloud computing services are fairly secure and there are many great cloud compliance solutions out there to choose from.

Recording of telephone conversations is a common practice among call center organizations for several interests, from training purposes through business analysis to fulfilling agent-customer agreements. It also increases the traceability of customer service, provides valuable data for sales and contributes to the improvement of a quality service.

Working as a team leader can be intimidating since you are constantly managing a group of agents. Keeping things under control is only possible via effective management. A team leader has great chances in increasing both employee and customer satisfaction.

Here are some tips, tricks and advice to help you utilize the chances this position holds for you.

Even though verbal communication remained the major way of collaboration, instant messaging has come a long way in the past decade. It has become significant regarding our personal conversations and in business communication as well.