Managing the finances of a global energy giant like ADNOC is no easy feat. In a fast-paced industry rife with complex transactions and fluctuating market conditions, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. That's where CARIN comes in. This powerful compliance recorder platform helped ADNOC navigate challenges and achieve remarkable results.


ADNOC, previously using BT Command & Control software, decided to switch to Cloud9, the cloud-based trading platform of Symphony Communications. The voice recording itself is also an available service on the platform, but ADNOC wanted to avoid manual processes, limited visibility, compliance complexity and other difficulties that come with having isolated systems. This involved ensuring compatibility with Cloud9's API for receiving audio streams and metadata separately during calls and transposing Cloud9's metadata terminology into CARIN's system for unified search capabilities.

Client Requirements

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) stands as one of the world's leading energy producers, playing a pivotal role in fostering the growth and diversification of the Abu Dhabi economy. ADNOC has been utilizing CARIN's compliance recording software for its operations and opted to continue leveraging CARIN alongside their newly chosen trader platform of Symphony Communications, Cloud9.

ADNOC recognized the need to replace its existing trader system and decided to maintain CARIN's call recording system for compliance purposes. The challenge lay in integrating CARIN with Cloud9 within a short timeframe while ensuring seamless functionality and compliance for the customer.


In response to ADNOC's requirements and the integration requirement, TC&C's team devised a pragmatic solution leveraging CARIN's capabilities:

Custom API Development: TC&C's developers crafted two distinct APIs. The first API facilitated the reception of call metadata from Cloud9, ensuring compatibility with CARIN's recording system. The second API enabled the retrieval of audio streams in bulk mode, facilitating efficient handling of call recordings within CARIN.

Transloading and Database Integration: TC&C's team orchestrated the transloading of Cloud9's metadata into CARIN's system to ensure unified search capabilities. Despite the complexity, this process was crucial for seamless transition and database integrity.

Custom Workflow Engine: TC&C leveraged CARIN's custom workflow engine to streamline the migration of recorded calls from Cloud9 to ADNOC's data center compliantly. This bespoke solution facilitated the development of a fully functional system within a remarkably short timeframe of less than two months, meeting ADNOC's technical requirements precisely.

CARIN offered a comprehensive solution, addressing these challenges head-on:

  • Automation: Streamlined workflows and automated manual tasks, freeing up staff for strategic initiatives.
  • Real-time insights: Consolidated dashboards provided holistic financial views, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Compliance management: Built-in tools ensured adherence to regulations, simplifying compliance processes.


The impact of CARIN on ADNOC has been significant:

  • 30% reduction in processing time: Automated workflows significantly sped up routine tasks.
  • 15% improvement in accuracy: Real-time data and error-checking features minimized errors.
  • Enhanced compliance: Integrated tools simplified regulatory adherence, saving time and resources.

By effectively integrating CARIN with Cloud9, TC&C empowered ADNOC with a seamless, compliant, and efficient trader system. The successful integration not only met ADNOC's stringent compliance needs but also underscored TC&C's ability to deliver tailored solutions within tight timelines. The collaboration between TC&C and ADNOC exemplifies the efficacy of innovative problem-solving and partnership in achieving organizational excellence in compliance recording and technology integration.

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