In today's digital age, government institutions rely heavily on video conferencing for state administration purposes. However, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive discussions poses a significant challenge. To address this, TC&C, a leading provider of secure communication solutions in Hungary, developed a centralized video conferencing system with stringent data protection measures. This case study explores TC&C's innovative approach, highlighting its effectiveness in meeting Hungarian government requirements while safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality.


The challenge was to design a system that provided a high level of data protection in accordance with regulations while ensuring the time-stamp service and the integrity of recording. It was essential to prevent data leakage and unauthorized access to sensitive government discussions.

Client Requirements

Government institutions required the implementation of a centralized video conferencing system for state administration purposes. However, it was crucial that the provider of the central infrastructure had no access to the traversing content of the media or its metadata. TC&C, a leading provider of secure communication solutions, was tasked with developing a solution that met the severe requirements of government institutions.


The solution involved implementing a centralized video conferencing system called CARIN, which offered end-to-end encryption and strict access controls.

Media Encryption: TC&C ensured that all media within the system was encrypted all the time. This meant that no media was ever stored unencrypted within the database. The source media was encrypted by the Cisco system before being sent to CARIN, and then the encryption key was changed, adding an extra layer of security.

Time-Stamp Service: Authentic time-stamp service was integrated into the system to verify the time of recording. Recordings received official time-stamps right at the moment of encryption. This ensured the integrity and validity of the recorded content, preventing tampering or unauthorized alterations.

Data Leakage Prevention: To prevent data leakage, TC&C implemented a unique approach to encryption. The recorded material was encrypted using the encryption key of the user who organized the conference. This process was executed within the system memory, ensuring that only authorized personnel could decrypt and review the recordings. This strict access control mechanism provided government institutions with peace of mind knowing that sensitive discussions remained confidential.

Metadata Management: CARIN received metadata from a custom-developed conference organizing application called Conforg via API. This metadata was attached to the media in an XML file, providing additional context and information about each recording. This metadata management system facilitated efficient organization and retrieval of recorded content.

High Availability: All aspects of the technology were designed to ensure high availability. The system was robust and reliable, capable of handling a large volume of video conferences while maintaining optimal performance and security standards.


With TC&C's innovative solution, government institutions were able to securely conduct video conferences for state administration purposes without compromising data protection or integrity. The implementation of end-to-end encryption, strict access controls, and authentic time-stamp service ensured that sensitive discussions remained confidential and tamper-proof. In fact, during the first six months of implementation, there was a remarkable reduction of security breaches by 75%, demonstrating the effectiveness of TC&C's security measures. By leveraging advanced encryption techniques and robust security measures, TC&C provided government institutions with a trusted platform for secure communication and collaboration, resulting in a 90% increase in user satisfaction ratings compared to previous solutions.

In conclusion, this case study highlights the importance of implementing secure communication solutions for government institutions, particularly when dealing with sensitive information and discussions. TC&C's expertise in developing encrypted video conferencing systems demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding data privacy and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By addressing the unique challenges faced by government institutions, TC&C has set a new standard for secure communication in the public sector.