In today's digital age, financial institutions are under constant threat from increasingly sophisticated fraud techniques. In this blog post we are showcasing a story of how a major financial institution, let’s call it BankSecure for the sake of anonymity, thwarted a high-tech fraud scheme using TC&C's advanced compliance recording software, CARIN, that is a testament to the power of modern compliance tools/ to demonstrate the power of modern compliance tools.

The Fraud Incident

It began like any other day at BankSecure. Transactions were flowing, clients were being assisted, and the compliance team was vigilantly monitoring for any anomalies. However, unknown to them, a well-organized group of fraudsters was about to launch a highly sophisticated attack using deepfake technology.

The fraudsters had managed to steal the identity of a high-net-worth individual - let’s call him Mr. John Smith, who held several accounts with BankSecure. Using deepfake technology, they created a convincing video and audio recording of Mr. Smith instructing a substantial money transfer to an overseas account. This deepfake was so realistic that it fooled even seasoned bank employees during a video verification process.

The Role of CARIN

Fortunately, BankSecure had recently integrated TC&C's state-of-the-art compliance recording software, CARIN QAi, into their security infrastructure. CARIN not only recorded all transactions and communications but also employed advanced AI algorithms to detect anomalies and inconsistencies.

Step 1: Recording and Analyzing Communication

When the deepfake video call was made, CARIN recorded the entire interaction. The AI-driven CARIN Deepfake Guard immediately flagged the call for several subtle inconsistencies that a human eye and ear might miss. These included minute discrepancies in voice modulation and lip synchronization, which are telltale signs of deepfake content.

Step 2: Real-Time Alerts and Human Intervention

As soon as the anomalies were confirmed, CARIN sent out real-time alerts to BankSecure’s fraud detection team. The team was able to intervene just in time, halting the transaction before any funds were transferred. Further investigation confirmed that the call was indeed a sophisticated fraud attempt.

Step 3: Post-Incident Analysis and Strengthening Security

In the aftermath, BankSecure conducted a thorough analysis of the incident. The use of CARIN was crucial in preventing the fraud. It not only saved the bank from a significant financial loss but also protected the bank's reputation and Mr. Smith’s personal assets.

The incident prompted BankSecure to further strengthen their security protocols. They also worked closely with TC&C to enhance CARIN and provided our company extremely valuable user feedback for further developing the CARIN Deepfake Guard both as an integrated and a standalone online service as well, ensuring even more robust protection against future threats.


The attempted fraud at BankSecure highlights the evolving nature of threats faced by financial institutions today. It also underscores the importance of having advanced software solutions like CARIN Deepfake Guard developed by TC&C. In an era where deepfake technology and other high-tech fraud techniques are becoming more common, having a vigilant and capable compliance system is not just an option—it’s a necessity.

CARIN not only helps in detecting and preventing fraud but also provides peace of mind to financial institutions and their clients. As fraudsters become more sophisticated, the tools used to combat them must also evolve. With CARIN, banks and financial institutions can stay one step ahead, ensuring security, compliance, and trust.

If you want to learn more about how CARIN can protect your financial institution, contact us today. Let's work together to create a safer financial world.