“NAIH, the Hungarian National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority, recently imposed a 250 million HUF fine on a bank that has been evaluating call center calls with an artificial intelligence based software analyzing customers’ emotions.

Decisions of NAIH regarding this domain are not public yet”, said dr. Zoltán Ormós, the head of Ormós law firm, specialized in data protection, privacy, IT security and GDPR. The brief summary of the case shows that authorities do not disapprove or exclude AI-driven call evaluation, but consider this specific approach of financial institutions illegal. In case the bank modifies its data management practice so that it complies with the general privacy policy - for example it provides the affected parties adequate information and the right to protest - then there is no obstacle to the software analysis of calls. TC&C constantly researches the possibilities and limits of legal AI-driven call analytics to remain a reliable provider of innovative solutions.