AI analytics is a technical frontier, therefore the qualities marked in the title may seem to be difficult to execute and mishaps can result in tough fines judging by the issue that has recently been made public. With the right solution, all that at once is indeed possible. In order to remain a reliable service provider and solution developer, our team researches the topic constantly since the legislative circumstances highly affect the featureset, operation and even the marketing of products and solutions that are about to be put on the market. In this blog post we would like to share TC&C’s approach towards AI-driven call analytics and break down the basics of implementing such solutions for our future customers.

AI-driven analytic features of innovative solutions and applications can greatly benefit both the customers and the service providers. AI can accelerate the workflow while also improving quality and consistency of service, however no matter how promising these results and advantages present themselves, careful consideration is of utmost importance in order to avoid the hidden threats. Calls of contact centers often contain highly personal information and in the era of AI that can not only be detected by spoken words but based on the tone and facial expression of call participants, meaning that both customers and company representatives can be monitored on a whole new level, which also entails seem-to-be mysterious data managing directives.

CARIN QAi player interface
CARIN QAi player interface

Due to the fact that AI accelerates development processes exponentially, several opinions and regulations are authoritative. There is not a much more particular universal agreement other than the obligation to ensure the appropriate ethical and legal framework for the participants of the analyzed calls. The lack of specific guidelines might be intimidating for end-users and even make them consider twice implementing a highly beneficial addition into their workflow. Our company is currently in the process of boosting the CARIN compliance recording suite with AI-driven features so its QA module is able to detect the level of customer satisfaction via analyzing recorded or real-time interactions by spoken words, tone and mimic of call parties and the overall quality of conversations in a compliant manner.

Regulations such as GDPR mainly affect the data management policies of end-users. AI-collected information is at high-risk since it is suitable for profiling call parties in a much more detailed manner and can also have legal effects on the data subjects. Nowadays communication solutions like CARIN unburden contact centers from data managing processes, so for TC&C it is an especially significant aspect of product development to incorporate the right data management features. In the case of implementing AI, data management, its guarantees and stakeholder rights are of particular importance especially for the front-runner sectors of applying new data management technologies. Analyzing contact center calls of financial institutions and governments can enable the retrieval of (for uninitiated ears) hidden information about customers’ emotions and even their willingness or ability to pay can be concluded. These are data that customers share without actual words and many times without customer consent, since short IVRs may not have the outlet for exhaustive information. From a legislative perspective when using tools to examine psycholinguistic features and the emotional charge of speech, it is not enough to inspect the formal existence of the parties’ consent. The ranking technology based on speech processing can be a hazard too as it might mean an intervention in the private sphere to such an extent that data subjects cannot recognize when they give consent neither can they judge their impact on their personal rights.

Therefore we tend toward the AI-driven analyzation of interactions based on somewhat more objective aspects, which also largely determine the quality of interactions (for e.g. words, pace and pauses). Besides appropriate data collecting and analyzing, companies’ privacy policy plays a huge role in legal operation. The analysis of objective factors other than emotions is only possible if the organizations carry out this activity based on an appropriate assessment of proportionality and necessity, with the right guarantees. Contact centers must precisely indicate and inform their customers about the data managing purposes and guarantee their policy in accordance with the GDPR.

TC&C is currently developing the CARIN compliance recorder based on the above mentioned considerations. Compliance demands and requirements are only for your and your customers’ advantage if you choose the right tools for your contact center. Contact us for detailed product information about CARIN QAI.