Your favorite compliance recording solution’s latest version is out. Our developers have been working hard until the very last moment, so that we are able to present CARIN 10.7 with upgraded features and a redesigned layout, for your better user experience.

The 10th release of the software has been extended with a host of new features:

  • Fully responsive and redesigned HTML5 web UI with an interactive widget-based dashboard
  • IM and chat room recording
  • Quality Assurance module
  • AI-driven Speech-to-text transcription module
  • Enhanced security features
  • Wide variety of recording modes
  • Centralized recording for telecommuting and distance learning

And you can access all that on one single platform.

The CARIN Recording Solution delivers centralized management of all integrated functionalities including reports, security settings, recording and archiving schedules and system management tools (system status overview and alerts).

Unified administration is especially critical for capturing, managing and retrieving recorded data for compliance. CARIN captures and stores every interaction made between the customer and the organization and delivers multiple recording options as well as simplified search and playback functionality -you name it, to provide the most effective solutions regardless of the terms of recording.

The platform additionally provides integrated tools for speech analytics and performance management, enabling the business to leverage recordings for risk management and quality assurance to contribute not only compliance but utilize the additional benefits of recording all communication channels. By recording and storing interactions, organizations have an outlet for managing risk and protecting themselves and their customers.

By combining total call recording with CARIN’s conceptual search capabilities, users can locate calls for proof of liability, dispute resolution and sales verification. The speech analytics solution also uncovers suspicious and inconsistent interactions by utilizing unique trend-spotting and sentiment analysis functionality. These AI-driven features alert users to emerging call trends and identify areas of heightened emotion during a call, aiding in fraud detection and prevention initiatives. CARIN additionally delivers a suite of performance solutions that includes agent evaluation and customer surveys to help contact centers manage and enhance customer service.

This is a stabilizing version of CARIN. We have been working so that the release is extremely stable. We overdid testing, amended performance so that your CARIN exceeds your expectations.

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