The newest version of our compliance recording solution, CARIN 10.9 is out now!

Let us give you a brief but to the point overview of CARIN’s most relevant features and benefits and how our omnichannel recorder, managing and sharing application can serve you and your customers.

First and foremost: Compliance is key

From day one the main priority for us as a recorder developer and vendor has always been compliance. Since then the development of CARIN has come so far that now several features, such as

  • customizable data retention policy
  • high-availability and redundancy
  • internal sharing
  • preconfigured categorization of calls and messages
automatically ensure legal operation according to regulations, company policy and in some cases personal preferences also.

Recording without missing a word

Be it audio, video or text, CARIN records all communication channels including internal and customer facing communications. The High Availability and other features of the software ensures that every interaction is being captured and no recording is lost.

Besides reliability and redundancy according to our customers, another crucial factor for companies with legislative recording liabilities is that compliance doesn’t turn into sheer data hoarding. Having a set of recording options to capture specific information helps customers automatically add structure to their collected data. The featureset provided by CARIN greatly contributes to effective data management of a compact database from the moment of picking up the phone, rather than via time-consuming post procession of recorded materials.

Effective and secure data management

CARIN does not only record every interaction, but also manages and stores all data in a single, web-based GUI. Unified administration is especially critical for capturing, managing and retrieving recorded data for compliance. The recording process can be monitored from beginning to end in a transparent manner due to straightforward menu points and graphical interface. System operation and gathered data is constantly controlled and displayed on CARIN’s interactive dashboard right on the homepage so the end customers can have real-time reports on company and system operation.

Easy and secure access to recordings

In the CARIN interface, all users are grouped and entitled to certain tasks according to their very own corporate hierarchy and needs to boost efficiency and secure data management. Preconfiguring user types and controlling access to recorded materials not only at login, but during the whole session strengthens the compliant features of CARIN. In turn users with the correspondent privilege levels can access recordings seamlessly. This system construction not only contributes to security, but highlights relevant tasks and calls, since certain users access corresponding data exclusively.

Beyond displaying and making recorded materials accessible in a single web-based interface, unified administration is extended to users and user activity as well. For an across- the-board compliant enterprise, not only record keeping is mandatory but also to have a traceable history of data lifecycle and user activity. CARIN’s newly redeveloped Completeness Audit functionality ensures transparency and serves as a proof of liability by logging all modifications and system changes.

In addition to the aforementioned data managing qualities, CARIN users can directly search for specific data to find relevant information in no time. In order to provide our clients the option to comply with legislative requirements and utilize the data they store, our developers implemented Quick Search Functionality, so recorded interactions can be searched for and played back quickly, at any time, from any location. The web-based GUI enables users to replay recorded calls and administrators to change system parameters in a secure and easy manner. Finding specific information fast is just as important as the capturing capability.

Customizable comment template fields and call flagging further diversificate content recorded with the CARIN system. All metadata and added information is searchable within CARIN.

Quality management & effective collaboration

Owning that detailed, structured and information packed dataset holds everything an improvement-driven enterprise needs. Nowadays relevant compliance recording solutions, such as CARIN, provide the opportunity to dig deep and utilize your valuable database. Besides the essential features we offer you a software to exploit this opportunity via CARIN’s modules which can be selected according to your company’s personal goals and demands.

Built-in modules and special functions:

  • Quality Assurance module allows QA analysts to evaluate calls handled by agents
  • Transcription module provides a speech-to-text function
  • Stereo recording allows users to play back call channels separately in order to increase distinctness
  • Private call handling through the user interface
  • Support for timezone management
  • Robust integrated Reporting Tool with report scheduling

Organizations can facilitate workflow and ease collaborative efforts to leverage the valuable assets stored in their call recording system using CARIN publishing and sharing functionality. The sharing function allows users to easily share important and useful recordings among other users for best practice training, information handover, etc. The flexible options allow sharing the recording with certain individual users or even with entire groups. Recorded media can be shared within the recording system itself for internal call share management and via a publishing server. The CARIN Publishing Server provides controlled access to recordings for external users in the organization via an easy-to-use, convenient, web-based user interface for non-expert users to access published contents.

CARIN Publishing Server provides a secure and traceable way to share recorded media among various members of your organization.


CARIN is easily integratable with third-party solutions and into common system architectures due to its flexible APIs. TC&C has been cultivating long-time partnerships with leading vendors, such as BT and Cisco and earned the title of a BT and Cisco compatible media recorder. It has been a certified managing and sharing application for several years in a row.

The structure of CARIN is based on the customers’ obligatory requirements and personal preferences. To find out more about your options and CARIN specializations, check out our solutions and contact us.

The aforementioned qualities ensure an ever relevant recorder. If you would like to read more about compliance via CARIN’s viewpoint, its most relevant use cases and our approach toward a legal and efficient solution, check out our white paper.